How Anushka Sharma changed Virat’s life forever

In tinsel town it’s harder to find love than it is in a desert to water but this is not the case for Virat and Anushka. Their relationship is often cited as an example of a successful and inspiring partnership. Even though the lucky couple tied a knot in 2017 their relationship goes way back.  Many believe that Anushka has had a positive influence on Virat and has helped him become a better person. 

She has been instrumental in helping Virat maintain a good balance between his professional and personal life. The cricketer has often spoken about how Anushka helps him relax and unwind, which has had a positive impact on his performance on the field. Recently, the couple also celebrated their daughter Vamika’s birthday away from the limelight on a secluded beach. 

It is widely known that Virat is an intense and passionate cricketer, in his early career he was known to lose his calm over trivial and mundane matters but Anushka’s calm and balanced demeanor has helped him become more emotionally stable and better equipped to handle the ups and downs of life. It has helped him become more grateful for what he has and maintain a healthy perspective on life. 

Another way is that Anushka has influenced Virat to become more aware and conscious about social issues. The actress is known for her work in promoting animal rights and environmental conservation, and Virat has also shown a keen interest in these causes. The couple today are extremely outspoken about their passion for social causes and are often seen working for these causes on the ground level. 

It can be said that Anushka Sharma has played a significant role in helping Virat Kohli become a better man by being a source of support, motivation, and helping him maintain a good balance between his personal and professional life. This journey has helped them today to become a better version of themselves and grow as individuals. 






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