One8 Commune now in Bombay!

Loved by Kohli fans as well as foodies 

Post covid, It’s become a hot trend amongst celebrities to open their own restaurants. In the past 2 years itself so many celebrity owned restaurants and cafes have popped up – some are a hit while the rest sadly are a miss 

Now the newest celebrity who has opened his very own restaurant is Virat Kohli, the heartthrob seems to have left no stone unturned in redecorating the place. King Kohli inaugurated his restaurant on the 8th of October in Juhu, Mumbai and is called One8 Commune. Did you know this restaurant was originally the legendary Kishor Kumar’s house Gouri Kunj? Yes, you heard that right. The ace batsman in his video explicitly says that and is extremely proud of its roots.  

Everyone knows Virat’s love for food is immense. At a young age he loved eating a lot of exotic cuisines but today credits his joy to simple food like mum’s cooked kadi chawal or bingeing on Delhi’s chole bhature. His family and friends from his formative years fondly talk about days when he used to leave his lunch behind at home so he could get an excuse to go and eat kebabs and biryanis with his friends. Even after entering the world of cricket where fitness is of prime importance the cricketer has not left his first love. 

One8 Commune itself has a very homey vibe, something he has gone ahead to preserve. He goes on to say, “You have to experience it, to feel it.” The interior is beautifully vintage and perfectly holds down the place’s heritage. One 8 Commune’s food is just delightful and rightfully does justice to the place. The menu brings the best of every cuisine and has an extensive range of drinks to choose from. 

From rajma chawal to sushi, there is a little something for everyone. Being a cricketer Virat has not forgotten to add dishes for all the health freaks and he has something for his fans as well! A section that showcases his favorite dishes. 

The best part about the place is that it’s filled with laughter, joy and is always overflowing with scrumptious hot dishes from all around the world. From breakfast and high tea to luxurious lunches and extravagant dinners, you will find the menu fits all. 






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